Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Click on any number for a teleport to that location.

If you get stuck along the way, please join the hunt group to get live help. Clicking on any hunt banner will provide you quick and easy access to joining :D

1. Hint: Try, if you want, but you just can't stop me.
2. Hint: Use in store hint giver.
3. Hint: Use in store hint giver.
4. Hint: If you head upstairs, you'll see it's written all over my face.
5. (SKIP)
6. Hint: "Hate" is the word.
7. Hint: coming soon.(SKIP)
8. Hint: The word here is "feathers" - red, and hanging from the ceiling.  :)
9.  Hint: ______________ to heaven.
10. Hint: Selina knows what the word is..
11. Hint: Stop and smell the yellow roses.
12. Hint: It must be on that new secret garden they got on the romantic coffeehouse!
13. Hint: Use in store hint giver. (SKIP)
14. Hint: Let Valentines Guide You.
15. Hint: Do not collect 200l, do not pass go, straight to JAIL.
16. Hint: Words, words, words... get  yours on!
17. Hint: All these lights shine by the Starks ~ who knew Winter was coming!
18. Hint: Let your light shine.
19. Hint: Light my Fire!
20. Hint: Burton style can be red too :)
21. Hint: Piccadilly.isn't that a circus?
22. Hint:  I'm Feeling A Little Crazy. (in store hint giver)
23. Hint: LOVE is my favorite word and I named this Heart Bed after my hubby.
24. Hint: GAS MASK.
25. Hint: I am hiding behind your reflection.
26. Hint: Try your luck close to lucky things.
27. Hint: Love this yellow couch!
28. Hint: How about a little game of Greedy?
29. Hint: This w is hanging around the dresses.
30. (SKIP)
31. Hint: Tired? Find a chair that just might be lucky,
32. Hint: Hmmm, what word starts with W? You will find an Original there.
33. Hint: Today's Letter Was Brought To you by the Letter "M".
34. Hint: Look low, look HIGH!
35. Hint: Plant is a word. (in store hint giver)
36. Hint: Have a seat on one of the myriad of sofa's and spot the w you will.

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